VF Club, welcome to the first Vanity Fair disco club

Imagine Studio 54 merging with the Venice Film Festival. Welcome to the Vanity Fair Club, Vanity Fair’s first nightclub – by invitation only – which debuted in the «VV Club» version, in collaboration with Maison Valentino, on the night of 2 September in the B Bar of the Hotel Bauer. Overlooking the Grand Canal, Vanity Fair Club is under the artistic direction of Sergio Tavelli, deus ex machina of the Plastic Club of Milan. Each evening, a performance by Prince Maurice in an unconventional celebration of the culture of Venice and its artists today.

The late night opening also arrived Vincent Cassel with his wife Tina Kunakey. And then to unleash on the notes of revival music, many celebrities, including Marica PellegrinelliThe List Representative, Fiammetta Cicogna, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, and Cristina Parodi.

The «VV Club» continued to animate the Venetian nights even in the evenings of the 4 and 5 September, under the banner of the Valentino Pink PP poster as a sign, code and identity.

During all the evenings, toasts are made with Campari cocktails and Moët & Chandon bubbles, which consolidate their historic partnership with Vanity Fair on all initiatives related to the world of cinema.