Vegetable couscous: 8 quick and easy recipes

Here are 8 quick and easy recipes to prepare couscous with vegetables really delicious. With couscous, in fact, you can create really delicious dishes that will satisfy all tastes.

The best couscous recipes

Couscous is a typical food of North Africa and western Sicily. For those unfamiliar with it, these are small semolina grains steamed and typically used for the preparation of first dishes or unique dishes.

The uses of couscous, however, do not stop there! You can also use it to make tasty appetizers or gods’ main ethnic dishes, to find out how it is prepared, please refer to the individual recipes contained in our collection. Plus, you can accomplish a lot of variants by adding other ingredients such as meat or fish to the vegetable couscous.

Cold couscous

The cold couscous it’s a perfect summer alternative to cold pasta and rice salad. The recipe is really simple and you can customize it according to taste by adding or replacing some ingredients. This typical dish, born between North Africa and eastern Sicily, can therefore also be offered in this delicious one-summer variant.

Cous Cous salad

Among the light recipes, thecous cous salad with cherry tomatoes and spring onions is a first course very good and light perfect for summertime. You can also prepare it in advance and bring it to the table when serving. The couscous salad, customizable according to taste, therefore represents a valid alternative to pasta or rice salads.

Vegetable couscous

The Vegetable couscous it’s a fresh dish and light and ideal to consume during the summertime. You can enjoy it at home or take it with you to the office, to the beach, or to a picnic. This recipe is very simple and uses only vegetables: zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and aubergines. Again you can customize the recipe and choose your favorite vegetables.

Couscous with vegetables and lamb

The couscous with vegetables and lamb is a delicious dish that is part of the culinary tradition of North Africa. There are many variations, but usually, the dish is prepared with vegetables, meat, and legumes. The ingredients chosen, however, are different depending on whether you are in Libya rather than Morocco or Algeria.

Couscous with vegetables and tofu

The couscous with vegetables and tofu it’s a delicious variant perfect for the summer period. This single dish or vegetarian first course can be offered in numerous variations. Choose your vegetables and have fun discovering many combinations!

Couscous with grilled vegetables

The couscous with grilled vegetables is a delicious first course ideal for the summer, but that you can prepare all year round. Their recipe is very simple and above all healthy and light and is therefore perfect for eating well without getting too heavy.

Spiced cous cous with vegetables

The couscous with spices with vegetables it’s a recipe perfect for those who want to experiment and try new flavors. This delicious first course it is suitable for those who love strong and very spicy flavors, but you can control this aspect of the dish by carefully dosing the spices.

Pumpkin couscous

The couscous with pumpkin it’s a delicious variant of the classic recipe. This first course is ideal to prepare during the autumn and winter period, which is when the pumpkin is in season.