Variants and Tricks for a Perfect Béchamel

There Bechamel (or Bechamel sauce) it’s a basic recipe of the French kitchen (Bechamel) e Italian. It’s about a swhite alsa prepared with a base of Butter And Flour (called Roux) diluted with Milk, flavored with salt And nutmegand cooked on the fire to make it Thicken (About 15 minutes). The result is a sauce Soft and velvety ideal for dressing the classics Baked lasagnathe White lasagna, the cannellonibaked pasta and Crepes. A Recipe Very Easy and fast irreplaceable on many pacts of the Tradition!

Prepare at home the bechamel is Very easy and you have the advantage of being able to adapt it to your own Tastes and their own Needs. You can make a bechamel more Light using a little less Butter; you can replace the butter with oil (for a more béchamel light) and decide whether to make it happen more Dense or more Liquid. In short, there are so many reasons to make bechamel at home… besides the fact that it is much more Good! Once Readyjust cover the béchamel with plastic wrap, let it cool and put it away in the fridge where is it it can be kept for 2 days approximately. And, hear, hear, you can too Freeze it! See also how to make Béchamel with Thermomix and al Microwave!


Bechamel: how to make bechamel

Portions: 1 lt

Cost: Bass


Doses Béchamel

  • 100 gr butter
  • 100 gr flour 00
  • 1 lt whole milk (skimmed or partially skimmed)
  • half teaspoon salt
  • pepper
  • nutmeg


  1. For a bechamel more Light you can use the half of the dose of Butter.
  2. You can replace the butter with the same amount of Oil but the bechamel will turn out more Liquid.

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Here’s how to prepare the homemade bechamela quick and easy recipe to prepare lasagna and cannelloni.

How to make homemade bechamel

In a saucepan, melt the butter on low flame. Remove from heat and add the flour sifted by mixing with a wooden spoon or with a whisk.

melt butters and add flour

As soon as you get one thick cream (roux), add a little milk and mix. When the cream has absorbed the milk, add a little more and continue stirring. As soon as the cream becomes liquid, add all the milk and put it back on the heat.

add milk

NOTE: the addition of milk, little by little, allows to obtain a SMOOTH CREAM, WITHOUT LUMPS. If we added the milk all at once, the butter and flour cream (roux) would not melt well and would form annoying lumps on the palate.

TRICK: if in spite of everything lumps form, do not worry, once ready, pass it through a sieve!

Put the saucepan back on the heat over medium heat stirring often. Over the span of 10-15 minutes the bechamel will begin to thicken. THE Times depend on the quantity. At this point, stir continuously until the desired density is obtained.

make the béchamel thicken

As soon as the sauce has reached the consistency you want, remove from the heat and pour into a bowl. Season the béchamel with a little salt, pepper (optional) and a grated nutmeg. Cover with some film and let cool.

The bechamel can be preserved in the fridge for a couple of days.


Your homemade bechamel is ready to use in the dishes you like best!