Umbrian Carbonara, creamier than the classic with a fantastic make-up. Here is what is added in the pasta, and it is not the cream

Today we want to offer you a slightly different version of the classic carbonara, that is the Umbrian and not the Roman version. The secret of this recipe gives an extra touch of creaminess to the dish. A really simple recipe with a great impact. In fact, the ingredients are always the same but the procedure changes slightly. So let’s see how it is prepared.

Umbrian Carbonara, INGREDIENTS

400 gr of spaghetti
3 eggs
1 yolk
160 gr of bacon cut into thin slices
grated parmesan to taste

Umbrian Carbonara, PREPARATION

Let’s start preparing the Umbrian version of the carbonare by putting on the fire a pot with plenty of salted water where we will cook our spaghetti respecting the cooking times shown in the package. It will be even better with bronze drawn pasta because it releases more starch. Then put a pan on the fire together with the slices of bacon and let them fry in their own fat for a few minutes.

When the slices of bacon are browned, turn off under the heat, drain the fat and set aside. Now take a large bowl and beat the eggs together with a generous sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and a nice handful of Parmesan cheese. Beat everything until you have reached a creamy consistency. Drain pasta. In a new bowl, first put the bacon with its fat, then the spaghetti and finally the beaten eggs

Mix everything together (and here comes the secret of Umbrian carbonara) with a few tablespoons of pasta cooking water. This one that is rich in the starch of spaghetti will give even more creaminess to the dish. Our Umbrian carbonara is ready to be served hot. Enjoy your meal! Read also: Finta carbonara, easier and creamier than the original but without eggs. The fastest and best dish there is, ready in 5 minutes

Umbrian carbonara