The perfect risotto, 5 tricks to never go wrong and make it good and creamy. What you add to the broth makes it special

Risotto can become a real work of art if cooked in the right way. In fact, the result can be creamy, enveloping, unique, but only by following precise rules. There are five secrets to preparing this first course properly. The first is certainly the choice of the main ingredient: rice. There are many different types on the market, but not all of them are the right ones for creating a risotto. On the boxes you will find the use that can be made of that food, but we can tell you that the two perfect ones for the goal are Carnaroli and Vialone Nano.

Tricks for a perfect risotto

The second secret to perfect risotto is roasting. In fact, before being cooked together with the broth, the rice must be toasted in a pan. This operation can also be done dry, without adding anything, or by preparing a sauté with butter, oil and onion. The ingredient must toast for at least two minutes. However, by eye you will realize when it is ready for preparation, because it will become pearly and dry. Let’s move on to the broth, very important for the preparation of our first course. For a perfect result it must be prepared strictly at home.

It takes very little time, after which you can use the vegetables you have chosen for its preparation in another way, and it guarantees you a risotto with a completely different flavour. In summer you can prepare it with tomatoes and courgettes. To make it more wintery, however, you can add a bay leaf and a clove. Also remember not to add salt. The latter is the basic ingredient of our fourth secret. There are certain moments in which it can be added: o during the creaming phase, to be adjusted later; or in the last two minutes of cooking; or when stirring.

We come to the fifth and last secret for the perfect risotto: creaming. In this case there is only one rule to follow: it must be done with the heat off. Now that you know the correct advice for preparing your first course, let’s move on to the cooking stages. The first thing to do is prepare the vegetable broth and set it aside. In a pan, toast the rice over medium heat. When it’s ready, add a few ladles of broth and stir slowly and often (even continuously). Leave to cook for at least 16/18 minutes.

In the meantime, you can prepare the sauce separately. There are all kinds: sausage and mushrooms; stracchino and veal fillet; veal caciotta and log; porcini mushrooms, sweetbreads and blueberries; saffron with ossobuco. In short, you have something for all tastes, you just need to follow your desire for the moment. The sauce must be added to the risotto during the last two minutes of cooking. Keep stirring and stir in the grated cheese on the heat off.

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