Proffee, what it is and what benefits does the protein coffee that is depopulating on TikTok have

Forge of more or less questionable trends, TikTok has produced a new trend that has captured the attention of wellness addicts, those who do everything to maintain a healthy, sporty, and slow-age lifestyle. We are talking about the proffer, a protein and energizing drink that comes from the blend of coffee and protein supplements. Profile was born from the sum of the two English words «protein» + «coffee». Yes, because the recipe plans to mix a protein powder, preferably collagen-based, into the morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee. In this way, the TikTokers claim that it is doing the skin a favor since collagen is the structural protein of the skin, which unfortunately tends to decrease from around 25 years of age. Coffee, as known, instead stimulates the psycho-physical energies and lifts the mood. So is it worth starting the day with a cup of coffee? We asked the expert. Ah, and for the record know that the wonderful and healthy Jennifer Aniston starts her day by adding collagen powder to her American coffee. Just saying.

The proffer drink commented by the nutritionist

He explains the Dr. Laura Quinti, nutritionist of Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination: «Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and for this reason its presence and maintenance are important. Collagen, in fact, holds bones, hair joints, nails, and skin together like glue, giving them elasticity and flexibility, and increasing the hydration and elasticity of the tissues. Since exposure to UV radiation, an unbalanced diet, smoking, and stress degrade the collagen structure without forgetting that with age its production by the body decreases, adding hydrolyzed collagen powder to coffee can be a good habit. It must be said, however, that this type of product is considered of low biological value because it does not contain all the essential amino acids. However, it remains a reliable nutritional supplement component. It is also well assimilated because it crosses the intestinal barrier reaching the bloodstream and immediately becoming active for metabolic processes, supporting the health and beauty of skin and skin appendages, as well as muscles and bones. But you cannot drink coffee every morning for the rest of your life: it would be excessive and harmful, with effects on the intestine and symptoms of nausea and vomiting. To maintain the healthful effects of this blend it is recommended to stick to three monthly cycles over a year. And if you are looking for quality collagen powder, I recommend that you choose marine collagen. Derived from fish or shrimp waste, it is more available to our body, since it is lighter than that of bovine origin and is absorbed one and a half times more. The powders that combine marine collagen are also excellent percentages of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin for a synergistic and complete antioxidant and anti-aging effect ».

In the gallery, you will find a selection of collagen-based protein powders (and not only) available for purchase. Happy proffer!

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