Pasta with pumpkin (Fast and Creamy): recipe in a few minutes!

There Pasta with pumpkin is a Pautumn dish rimo Very Rapid to prepare; a vegetarian recipe Creamy, Tasty And Colored. There basic recipe it’s a lot Simple: sautéed in oilTOson and P.and hot pepper, Pumpkin in pieces And mince of Prezzemolo. These are a few, simple ones Ingredients give life to a Pumpkin sauce Tasty and Creamy that wraps the pasta making it truly irresistible!

You can prepare this recipe with all Types of squashto green peel or Orange, as long as it is tasty! As for the Format from Pasta to use, you can choose those Shorts with the hole (how Short sleeves, Tubettthe, Thimbles…) or those without a hole but which hold the sauce well like mine Integral Propellers. Starting from this basic recipe you can create many Variants with the ingredients you like best. The pumpkin, in fact, goes very well with both Sausage than with the Speck, two ingredients that enhance the flavor by contrasting it. Alternatively, you can try the version baked to be made even more delicious with the addition of Bechamel or of Ricotta cheese (for a lighter version).

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Pasta with Pumpkin (Fast): Classic Recipe and Variations!

Preparation10 min

Cooking20 min

Total time30 min

Portions: 2 Portions

Cost: Bass


  • 350 gr pumpkin down clean
  • 200 gr pasta
  • olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • chili pepper
  • salt
  • 1 tuft parsley
  • parsley rosemary, thyme or sage
  • grated cheese optional

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How to make pasta with pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin and remove the peel and seeds.

cut pumpkin

With a knife, reduce the pumpkin to small cubes.

cut pumpkin into cubes

In a saucepan pour a round ofolive oil and add 1 clove of garlic he was born in chili pepper.

prepare sautéed

As soon as the garlic begins to fry add the pumpkin, salty and let it brown for a few minutes.

sauté pumpkin

Also add some chopped parsley andwater until the pumpkin is covered. Cover with the lid and leave cook for about 10 minutes.

cook pumpkin

When cooked, blend a part with the mixer.

blend a part with the mixer

Meanwhile, cook the Pasta and when they will be missing 3 minutes to finish cooking, transfer it to the casserole with the pumpkin. Stir in the pasta with the pumpkin sauce until cooking is complete. Add some more chopped parsley and, if you like, del grated cheese.

whisk pasta

Your Pasta with pumpkin Creamy and Tasty ready!

Pasta with pumpkin