Leonardo DiCaprio, here is the (alleged) new flame that confirms the “rule” of girlfriends under 25

Just a few days ago we learned from the American press that Leonardo Dicaprio at the beginning of the summer he broke up with his girlfriend Camila Morrone. Now comes another novelty: the star would already have a new love. That is the beautiful Ukrainian model and influencer Maria Beregova, 22 years old. The two were paparazzi togetherfrom the Daily Mailto St. Tropez. The photos date back to the last July but only now have they ended up in the editorial office of the English tabloid. At the moment it is not clear whether her meeting with Maria – behind a divorce from ex-husband Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid – was the cause of the breakup from Camila. What is certain is that if the news of the report were confirmed, we would have further proof of the theory that DiCaprio shuns love affairs with women over 25. Theory that has been talked about for years (also because it is supported by the history of its relations) and that in recent days, since the breakup with Camila took place just a month after her twenty-fifth birthday, she has returned to fill the pages of the tabloids.

If the story of girlfriends with the due date is true, the alleged bond between Leo and Maria is not going to last more than three years. Someone on the girl’s Instagram profile, alluding to the news of her story with DiCaprio, wrote wrongly: “You only have two years left before you get too old“. She replied: “Technically, I have three left“. An answer that seems to confirm the liason with the star.

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Maria, that lives in London, was born in Ukraine and raised in Switzerland. Student, model and influencer, the 22-year-old also works in her father’s pharmaceutical company. Her followers (over 50 thousand on Instagram) are witnesses of hers continuous trips between Montecarlo, Dubai and other super Vip locations by helicopter or private plane. Leonardo DiCaprio lives in Los Angeles, in a villa located in The Bird Streets neighborhood, where celebrities such as Tobey Maguire, Matthew Perry and Jodie Foster also reside. However, he has several properties in other areas: a private island off the coast of Belize, a beach house in Malibu, two spectacular apartments in Manhattan, a desert retreat in Palm Springs and so on. In London, however, where his new presumed flame lives, he has nothing. But maybe it will be Maria who will fly to the United States to join him …

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