Giorgia Meloni as the witch of Snow White

Do you remember the witch of Snow White? Here: she appeared in the historic center of Rome in a stencil of street artist Harry Grebwhich for years has colored the walls of the capital with his irreverent and bipartisan works, such as that of the Pope’s slap, for example, or the handshake between Trump and Putin, or Raggi and Gypsies swinging on waste.

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Too bad this time it’s not an advertisement for Disney’s first animated feature, but the political satire on the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni engaged in the electoral campaign, which occupies the face of the witch, and holds a tempting red apple to Snow White, from behind, with a dress that has the colors of the Italian flag. Under the skirt? In the shoes of the 7 dwarfs, therefore not placed better, the main leaders of the center-left: Letta, Conte, Renzi, Calenda, Fratoianni, Bonelli, Di Maio. On Instagram the artist harrygreb_art he wrote:

“The seduction…
feminine noun
Incitement to guilt, to evil, with enticements and flattery ».

The artist declared: it then depends on “Snow White / Italy whether or not to accept the offer, with all that follows, or to trust the other political party represented as the somewhat fearful dwarves who hide with his dresses “. Among the almost 3,000 likes collected by the post that photographs the work and passers-by, also that of Roberto Saviano.