Chicken in potacchio, never eaten such good chicken. delicious

Chicken in potacchio is an ancient Marche recipe for stewed chicken that will be a real delight. In this way, you can prepare several seconds, from rabbit to stockfish, from monkfish to lamb, and they will still be better than traditional cooking. A recipe that everyone likes and that does not require a lot of time or practice in the kitchen. In fact, in this dish, simple ingredients such as tomato, garlic, and rosemary blend together for a truly unique taste. So let’s see how to prepare it.

Chicken in potacchio, Ingredients

  • chicken in pieces, about 1.2 kg
  • fresh rosemary, three sprigs
  • garlic, 4 cloves
  • tomato puree, 100 grams
  • white wine, half a glass
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and black pepper to taste


Let’s start preparing the chicken in pistachio by chopping the needles of the romsarino and the previously peeled and cored cloves of garlic into small pieces as small as possible. Once this is done, wash the chicken pieces well and dry them in a cloth. Then take a large pan and pour plenty of extra virgin olive oil and put it on the flame over a high flame. Brown the chicken pieces in the pan, turning them often to make them brown on all sides.

When the browning of the chicken is uniform, blend with half a glass of wine and let it evaporate. Then lower the heat and pour the chopped spices, and tomato puree into the pan, and season with salt and pepper. Mix everything and cover with a lid. Wash and dry the chicken pieces. Heat the oil in a large pan and brown the chicken well over high heat, turning it often, until it has a light uniform browning, then deglaze with the wine.

At this point, lower the heat, add the mince, tomato puree, salt, and pepper and allow to flavor well. Cover and continue cooking for about three-quarters of an hour, over low heat, and if you need to pour a little hot water from time to time. But be careful not to form a soup, the water must be added only if the sauce is too dry. The chicken will need to cook slowly in the gravy. Before turning it off, cut it with a knife and make sure it is cooked, inside it must not be pink but white.

Once ready, place the chicken in pistachio on a serving dish and sprinkle it with the cooking sauce which must be nice and narrow. Serve hot and accompanied by a good vegetable side dish. Instead of a whole chicken, it is also possible to use only the thighs, the drumsticks, or the manchette for this recipe. They will be even better. Also, read other CHICKEN-BASED RECIPES to make this white meat much tastier than usual.